Actiontec DSL Modem Wireless Configuration

The wireless functionality is disabled by default on Actiontec DSL modems. In order to use a wireless laptop or computer your must first enable the wireless signal on your Actiontec

Accessing the Actiontec web interface:

There are two methods that can be used to accessed the Actiontec web interface;

Option 1:

Open up a web browser
Select File ' Open ' enter (http:// and www is not required)

Option 2:

Open up a web browser
Erase the text in the address or location bar
enter and select Go or press your Enter key.

Navigating the Actiontec web interface:

Select Setup / Configuration ' Advanced Setup ' Begin Advanced Setup
From the menu on the left, select Wireless Settings and turn on the signal and needed security settings.
Select NEXT ' Save and Restart
After the Actiotnec reboots the wireless indicator light will be active.

VailNet recommends enabling security. If you enable WEP you will be asked to supply a 10 digit character. This can be alphanumeric, but must use number between 0 and 9, and characters between a and f. This will also need to be programmed into any wireless devices.

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